My Christmas Craft Weekend Continued…

When you move, things are bound to get misplaced. Since we have been in the new house I’ve been missing my cheque book and my hot glue gun.

Yesterday, I finally unearthed both items (for some reason they were actually in the same place). I was most excited about the latter as I have several craft projects dependant on its rediscovery.

Last night I fired it up and made this. They were so fast and easy to put together, I made several more today.


Here’s what would need if you wanted to make some yourself:

hot glue gun (or craft glue – I think the hot glue holds better though)
a plain gift bag
8 or 9 buttons
green cardstock
leaf punch (mine is Martha Stewart brand from Micheals)

1. Punch out lots and lots of leaves (I used a whole page of cardstock)
2. Draw a circle on the bag (I just traced around a small saucer)
3. Using a dap of glue attach the base of the stems to the bag in a V formation, about a centimeter apart, working your way all around the circle.
4. When all the leaves are attached. Glue on the buttons.


That’s it.

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