With a few months to go before the Niblet’s scheduled arrival, the transition from sewing room to baby room is coming along nicely.

Jeremy and my Dad have been busy this week getting the painting done.

Last week

This week

We’ve ordered a crib to be picked up next weekend (my beloved Jenny Lind crib wasn’t available in Canada so we’re going to have to pick it up in Buffalo). Jeremy bought up the rug months ago, and the rocker recliner has been ordered, although not the one I’d originally pictured.

Also, different than what I’d originally planned, was the dresser. After weeks of trawling the classifieds, a antique waterfall style chest came up and I had to have it. I wasn’t the look I’d been originally looking for, and it’s seen better days, but the price was right. I plan to spruce it up with a coat of paint, although I am not concerned about the dresser’s condition – after all, this is a child’s room. It’s going to take a beating, and will eventually be covered in sticky fingerprints and crayon marks anyway.

Finally, I’ve decided to use one of our old bookshelves, rather than buy a new one. We didn’t have anywhere else in the house to put the existing one, so it didn’t make much sense to buy another. This is another piece of furniture that has a date with a paintbrush.

While the painting was going on upstairs, I’ve been working away in my new sewing room in the basement. I have a list of simple baby related projects I want to finish before March, including some receiving blankets. I have so much flannel in my fabric stash it didn’t make any sense to buy them.

They are about 35-40 inches, finished with a double fold hem. Not a challenging project by any means, but one I wanted to get done.

Nine more weeks to go!

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My Obsession

As I mentioned last week, I am OBSESSED with our new camper, and I can hardly focus on anything other than decorating it.

Before we take it on the road next month, I have the following projects I want to complete:

  • Cushions – The existing cushions in the sleeping/dining area are fine but they are tired and a bit grungy from age.
  • Window Valances – to coordinate with the new cushions, obviously.
  • Cupboards – I’m going to paint the cupboards dark brown. Right now they’re white, which s fine, but I think they’d look better if they matched the trim in throughout the rest of the camper.
  • Fridge – Right now there’s a fabric panel on the door, but I’d like to replace it with stainless steel. Alternatively, we might just replace the whole fridge because it’s very old, but in the meantime, it’s getting a blast of spray paint.
  • Counter Space – My Dad, the king of sheet metal, is going to make us a cover to place over the stove when it’s not in use. This will give us more workspace on the tiny counter.

Next, we’ll need accessories. I’m trying to achieve a rustic cabin look for the interior.

The one thing I’m struggling with at the moment is the fabric for the cushions. I’d like a print or pattern – something a bit kitschy without being over the top. Most importantly, it needs to be affordable. Last weekend we searched every fabric store within a 50km radius. Next weekend, we’ll be casting our net wider.

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Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

We’d given up on tent camping years ago, and since then, when it came to outdoor experiences, we’d replaced them with the occasional cabin rental and, of course, there was our glamping trip last year. When we discussed why we didn’t want to camp anymore, we’d determined that it was mostly the sleeping in a tent part, with too much effort setting up coming in at a close second. Tied for third was lack of plumbing (me) and no refuge from the summer heat (Jeremy).

Still, we missed camping, and for years we’d thrown around the idea of getting a small camper, but there were a few things standing in our way. Our compact cars weren’t able to haul even the lightest trailer, and back when we lived in our townhouse, we didn’t have anywhere to keep one when it wasn’t in use. Renting a camper was an option, but surprisingly, it costs a fortune. Financially, it didn’t make any sense.

These days, we have both an SUV, and a long, private driveway. There’s nothing holding us back anymore, so the trailer discussion had been back on the table, although casually. We weren’t overly motivated to get one. “If we came across the right trailer, for the right price, we’d probably do it,” I’d recently told a friend, when the subject of camping came up. We weren’t actively looking though.

Then, Sunday afternoon, while I was out running errands, unbeknownst to me, Jeremy was at home surfing Kijiji for used campers, and he found the one.

So, to kick of the summer, we’ve become proud owners of this 13-foot camper.

(this was the former owner’s photo)

We could not be more excited to be campers again.

The trailer is almost 30 years old, but it’s in fantastic condition. The former owners have clearly taken great pride in it. The exterior had been painted last year, and it’s also in great shape inside. It’ll be getting an interior makeover nonetheless – decorating a camper has always been one of my dream DIY projects.

Stay tuned, as I’m firing up my glue gun and revving up the sewing machine. Before and after pics of our new summer home on wheels will be forthcoming!

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