What I’ve Read Recently – The Silent Treatment

I found this book though Twitter. The author was on my follow list and frequently tweeted about her work. Part of me found it annoying, but on the other hand, it worked. I bought it, thereby proving that social media can actually be an effective marketing tool. Of course, the tweets only lured me to her website. It was the synopsis that got me.

The novel’s heroine accidentally stumbles upon a reel of film at an estate sale. Upon watching it, she discovers the answer to an 80 year old mystery. It was a topic right up my ally. It made me think of some of the old Hollywood legends and scandals surrounding the questionable deaths of some of the silent films stars.

It was a good story. I have a few complaints though. First, there were too many pop culture and brand references that were not quite universal. I always get irritated when I have to Google things while reading a book, although e-readers certainly make this less of a chore these days.

My biggest grievance though, was the length. It was short and I wanted more. I felt like I was just getting invested when the story came to an end. I would have really enjoyed a more in depth story with more character development, and more information about the circumstances that surrounded the mystery itself. This one almost read like a short story, rather than a novel.

Then again, the length made it a fun, quick read. Last weekend was wet and chilly and The Silent Treatment was a nice distraction from the gloomy weather on a crummy Sunday afternoon.

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