It began two weeks before Christmas with a panicked message from a friend.

There was a crochet emergency!

She bought this book:

Basically, it’s a story book with a crochet pattern for the feline character, Amineko (Japanese, meaning crochet cat). It’s absolutely adorable and her nephews love it. She wanted to surprise them with Amineko dolls for Christmas but her skills were a little rusty and she wasn’t sure about the instructions. Plus, time was running out.

I knew I could give her a refresher on crochet basics, but I wasn’t sure how helpful I’d be deciphering the pattern. Instructions aren’t really my thing. I’m much more inclined to create my own pattern, rather than summon the patience to interpret someone else’s. I figured between the two of us, we’d figure it out though.

As soon as I could, I stopped by her house with my yarn and hooks. The only way I could explain the pattern to my friend was to actually make an Amineko along with her and I also intended to give mine as a gift.

She was an excellent student and the pattern was pretty straightforward. By the time I left her house that night, we’d made considerable progress.

Still, time was not on our side. When we parted ways at the end of our second crochet marathon, two days before Christmas, we were still several limbs and appendages short.

Between last minute gift wrapping, food making, and other Christmas preparations, I managed to finish the necessary pieces. Then, just after breakfast, Christmas morning, it was stuffed and assembled.

Finally, the Amineko was wrapped up to be opened later that day by our niece.

That concludes my holiday toy making adventure. Now I know how it feels to be a elf at the north pole!

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