What I Made This Week

Another throw pillow for our sofa.

We can never have to many of these. Our cats occupy the living room most of the time and every pillow eventually becomes their new favorite place to sleep, so we’re constantly washing or tossing pillows. This one has only been out for a few days and it’s already covered in fur.

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Holly Jolly Crafty Weekend

I wasn’t planning to do any selling at craft fairs this year but when I got a call from the Hamilton Legion a few weeks ago, offering me some table space on Saturday, I changed my mind. It was inexpensive and happened to be on the only free day I have this season, so I thought, what the heck.

I had pretty low expectations going in. I‘d done this fair a few years ago. That day was awful. It had been bitterly cold. The kind of day when the sun never comes out and once you’ve stepped outside, it’s impossible to feel warm again. My table was in a dark corner at the back of the room. The other venders seemed unfriendly and the customers were rude. Also, that day I was fighting a painful health condition for which I was briefly hospitalized, 24 hours later, so I wasn’t in the best mood to start with. It was just a bad day all around and my only saving grace was my mother-in-law who had come with me to help out.

This time around they gave me a good table in the middle of the room and the other venders were much friendlier than before. The problem this year was the lack of people. It was quiet. Really quiet. Apparently, it wasn’t advertised and therefore there were few customers. The day wasn’t a totally loss though. I broke even and won the prize I wanted from the raffle table (my odds were excellent since no one was around). I talked to a few people and spent a few hours drinking coffee and relaxing.

Since I hadn’t planned to do any craft sales, I didn’t have too much to sell, so I made a bunch of these tweed flower pins to fill up my table. I saw them on another blog last week. It was a perfect for me, as I have tons of wooly fabrics in my stash and they were so easy to put together. I made a bunch for myself to wear and I’ll be using them for gift toppers as well.

On Sunday we went to a tree trimming party where, along with stuffing ourselves silly, we had the opportunity to decorate some gingerbread men. I can’t even remember the last time I’d done this and my skills were a little rusty. Jeremy made a gingerbread Tiger Woods. Now our tree has pop culture relevance.

Next, we decorated graham cracker houses. Again, I was a little out of practice and this was my final result.


A lot of people use M&Ms for shingles. I opted for a hard candy roof. I think Mike Holmes would be impressed.

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