What I’ve Read Recently – The Mercy of Thin Air

The Mercy of Thin Air is yet another novel partially set in the 1920s. It’s just a coincidence I picked up this one, right after reading two other novels set around this period though. I was buying another book online and I needed another selection to bring my total to $25 – the magic number to take advantage of free shipping. I randomly choose this one from my Goodreads, to read list, and it brought my total to $25.02. I’m pretty sure I would kick-ass on The Price is Right.

So many reviews compared this book to The Lovely Bones and for good reason. They are similar. Both are fantastic books, told from the perspective of the deceased, as they watch over their loved ones while life goes on without them. Unlike the The Lovely Bones though, this novel is less grisly and more of a love story.

The heroine was a young woman with a bright future ahead of her until she died tragically in the summer of 1929. Over half a century later she takes up residence with a young couple trying to navigate a rough patch in their marriage. While she quietly observes her hosts, she reflects on her own relationship with the love of her life, as well as her family and friends.

Although sentimentality and romance is a strong theme in this novel, it’s not overly saccharine or trite. Or maybe it was and I just didn’t notice because it was just so beautifully written. There was even a little twist at the end that I was too engaged in the overall story to have bothered to try and predict. When the mystery unfolded, I actually let out an audible “oh!” That, to me, is always the sign of a truly great book.

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  1. I think you’ll like it. I have the actual book (as opposed to the ebook) so I will give it to you next time I see you.

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