After my last craft related post called sweater pillow, Jeremy pointed out that my title is actually a euphemism for boobs. According to the <a “href=”>Urban Dictionary, he’s right. So, if your Google query brought you here in search of breasts, I’m really sorry to have misled you.

Might I interest you a crochet project though?

I just finished this boa scarf and with winter just around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to share the pattern.

This is not a scarf for just being fashionable, although it is cute. This is a cold weather scarf. It’s for the kind of day when your breath stops short when you walk outside and the frigid air fills your lungs. It’s for day when you sit in your car shivering, as you optimistically hold and twist the key in the ignition, coaxing your reluctant engine to turn over in the grey morning light.

This is a scarf for the most dismal days of the long winter.

It’s also a great scarf for anyone new to crochet. It looks fancy, but the pattern is actually incredibly simple.

You’ll need 3 balls of medium weight yarn and a size 6 crochet hook.

Chain 135. This makes the finished product about 48 inches. You can chain more or less for a longer or shorter scarf. It’s up to you.

Row 1
Dc in 4th chain. Continue with 1 dc in each chain. Work 6 dc in last chain to turn, then dc once in each chain on the other side. Work 6 dc in last chain. Join with sl.

Rows 2 to 4
Chain three and work 2 dc in first stitch, then and continue working 2 dc in each stitch until you get back to the beginning. Repeat for rows 3 and 4.

Stay warm, my friends.

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