Things I Bought This Week

This was a really boring shopping week for me.

Hot Rollers
I use hot rollers a lot to give my flat and dead straight hair a little bit of body. My current set is dying a slow death. The heating element is now only distributing heat to about half of the rollers. I have a lot of hair. I need all of them.

I found these at a thrift store for $5.00. I normally wouldn’t buy rollers from a second hand store due to the cootie factor, but they where in their original box, still wrapped in plastic. I’d be really surprised if they’d ever been used.

I’ ve been having a dreadful time with my teeth lately. My dentist told me I’ve been brushing too hard. My hygienist now tells me I’m not brushing hard enough. This was disconcerting news. Brushing my teeth was one of those basic things I really thought I’d mastered a long time ago. Both of them suggested I get a new electric toothbrush. Specifically, this one (conveniently sold at their office):

I took their advice, although I bought it elsewhere for a lower price (mama didn’t raise no fool). It has a timer and sensor to take out the guesswork. Who knew this could be so complicated?

Also purchased this week, but not shown: a 10 kg bag of lawn fertilizer and some grass seed. It’s getting to be that time of year where all of my financial resources will be going toward things like dirt, mulch and insecticides. Of course, this also means summer is on the horizon. Yay!

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  1. That was a great deal on the rollers. I totally would’ve gotten em too!
    My dentist pulled the same thing on me. I got a Sonicare and love it. My bf is terrified of it and uses the kind you got.
    Have you tried using a water pik? I just got one and it’s fantastic since I hate to floss. I put a cap of Listerine in the tank and go to town.

    We don’t have a lawn (kind of a blessing but I would love to get my hands dirty and create something pretty.

  2. I’ve never tried the water pik, but then I don’t mind flossing. I did look into the Sonicare. It came highly recommended. but in the end it came down to price. I had a store credit for a place that only carried the Oral B. I like it so far though and hopefully it will keep my dentist and hygienist off my back.

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