I’d been holding off on writing about Jamaica until I picked up some pictures I’d taken with a disposable waterproof film camera. When I took it to the store last week, I was told it would have to be sent away for processing, and I imagine that also involved firing up a tricked out DeLorean to take it back to a time when people still used film. The pictures came back to the future a few days ago and I’m now ready to tell you about my trip.

The purpose of this little jaunt was a two day sales meeting for the company I work for. I had a large role in the planning, organizing and executing this event, which involved bringing 50 of my co-workers and colleagues to an all inclusive resort near Ocho Rios. I love planning events, but from a meeting planner’s perspective, Jamaica was difficult. Trying to get things done and keep a schedule in a culture that doesn’t seem to have any sense of urgency was frustrating. I won’t bore you with the details of the meeting though, instead I’ll tell you about it from a tourist perspective. Jamaica was lovely.

One afternoon, I had a block of free time so Jeremy and I ventured away from the resort to climb Dunn’s River Falls, a fairly well known landmark in the area. You might recognize this spot from movies like Dr. No and Cocktail.

Young Sean Connery. Swoon!

The waterfall is about 1000 feet high, but terraced like big steps, making it relatively easy to climb. It seemed like it would be slippery and dangerous, but the rocks have been scored for traction. The climb is also guided, so there were lots of people around to make sure we didn’t slip and fall. We also were encouraged to help the people around us, so getting up to the top was a team effort.

You might recall the scene where Elizabeth Shue and Tom Cruise get all naked and sexy in this lagoon. We didn’t. It was a little crowded so disrobing would have been awkward. In fact, you can’t tell because my legs are under water, but I’m actually wearing pants. I needed pockets for my sun block. It takes a lot of SPF 30 to maintain this pasty white glow.

Speaking of Cocktail, it was on TV at the resort the night before we left. Remember when Tom Cruise didn’t seem weird and creepy?

Other than our trip to the waterfall, we just hung around the resort. Jeremy relaxed on the beach, while I did work stuff and tried to take in as much sunshine as I could. Overall, the people were friendly, the food was decent and the coffee was great. Despite the frustration with the business aspect of the trip, it was a fantastic experience.

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  1. You are hilarious! I was wondering if you did the resort thing since I’ve heard it’s best to stick with that in Jamaica unless you’re into getting mugged. So nice that you had some free time to take in the sites! I’m dying to go to Puerto Rico. A gf of mine went by herself and felt completely safe. No passport for US citizens, most people speak English, inexpensive, historic, rain forests, beaches, food, shopping! YEAH!

  2. Puerto Rico looks really cool. I’d also like to see Cuba. Havana looks so interesting in the pictures I’ve seen, with all of that Spanish architecture.

  3. Hahah, disposable cameras… Did you take any underwater shots with it?

    I’m so wishing for a getaway, Jamaica or anywhere tropical will do. Looks like you got to enjoy a lot of it outside of the business end of the trip.

  4. I didn’t take any underwater. I’m not really one to venture to far out in the ocean because of all the creepy scary things in there. I just got it for the waterfall climb.

    I do recommend Jamaica though if you can get away. It wasn’t very expensive either.

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