What I Read This Summer – Flash Forward

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I find that one of the best things about being part of a book club is exposure to books I would have never picked up on my own. This was the case with FlashForward. I’d actually never even heard of it. I guess it was a pretty big deal though, a short lived television series of the same name was loosely based on it earlier this year.

The story begins during a two minute loss of consciousness around the world where many people saw a glimpse of the future 21 years later. The suspected cause was an experiment by an international team of scientists at a Swiss research facility. The story primarily focuses those scientists and their family and friends who were most affected by the visions. The most obvious themes were explored. Is the future immutable? If you knew what the future held and didn’t like it, would you try to change it. There was also some discussion about the ethics of research, along with the personal politics that existed within their scientific community.

This book had a little something for everyone: mystery, romance, philosophy and geekery. I was particularly fond of it because time travel is one of my favourite fictional subjects. I always think of it more from a historical perspective though – going back in time rather than forward. Obviously, it’s easier to imagine being part of events that have already happened rather than trying to predict the future. It was thought provoking to think of it from another perspective.

And speaking of time travel…

We saw this last week on the 427.

I’ve seen DeLoreans before but never both on the road and equipped to go back to the future!

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