What I Read This Summer – Sizzling Sixteen


I don’t know why I continue to read this series.

If you’re not familiar with these books, I’ll give you a brief synopsis:

The series chronicles the misadventures of Stephanie Plum, a directionless thirty-something woman in New Jersey working as a bounty hunter. She’s also caught in a love triangle between a detective with whom she shares a past with and a dark and mysterious colleague.

In Sizzling Sixteen, Stephanie finds her sleazy boss (who is also her cousin) has been kidnaped with a demand for a ransom. Since he’s well known as a gambler, they assume it’s money owed to his bookie. Family loyalty and job security lead Stephanie and her coworkers to find and rescue him. As they work toward liberating their not so beloved employer, they leave a path of destruction in their wake.

While all of these books are laugh out loud hilarious at times, I think the overall premise is getting stale. The characters are becoming a little too outrageous and they never seem to change or grow as people. How much longer can these stories go on with the heroine flirting with one guy and dating another while working a job that is neither lucrative at nor enjoyable. Seriously Stephanie, grow up, pick a guy and get a real job already.

I thought books one through ten were fun to read, but I’m at the point where I’m finding them tedious. Of course, I say that, and yet, I just keep reading them. I will admit, there is a part of me that’s looking forward to a seventeenth book. I just hope it’s the one where Stephanie finally gets her shit together.

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