Rub A Dub-Dub, A Puff For Your Tub

Last year I had found a pattern for crocheted bath puffs and whipped up a bunch for Christmas gifts to go along with some homemade bath salts and sugar scrub. I had been planning to make more for my Etsy shop and a few more for gifts but I hadn’t been in a crochet mood until recently.

I wasn’t really happy with the original pattern I’d been using. It seemed to use a lot of yarn, which made the puff look nice aesthetically but I found it a bit heavy when it got wet. After a few tries I’ve settled on this pattern. I used just under a ball of yarn and it only takes about an hour to make. It’s a great project for a rainy afternoon.

7.0 mm Crochet Hook
1 Ball of oz. Light Weight Cotton Yarn (3 of the standard yarn weight system)*
½ metre of coordinating ribbon


To begin, chain 4, sl in first loop to join.
Row 1: tr 30 to 40 times in loop. Chain 4 to turn.
Row 2: 6 tr in each tc. Chain 2 to turn.
Row: 3: 2 hdc in each tc.
Fasten off and weave in the loose end.

Thread ribbon though the original loop and tie a knot or bow (or both).

*I recommend using a light weight yarn for a few reasons. First, the heavier cotton does not seem to lather the soap very well. In fact, you’ll find that the cotton puff doesn’t lather nearly as well as the nylon puffs, but that’s just the trade off for using a less disposable product. The other benefit of using a lighter yarn is that it will take less time to dry. Nobody wants a terminally wet and smelly puff hanging in the bathroom.

Also, if you want something a little more luxurious, there are some lovely bamboo and soy yarns available these days. I made this pink puff from the latter and feels soooooo wonderfully soft.

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