Things I Bought – Gadgets

I love my stand mixer, but when I just want to make something small, like a bowl of whipped cream, it’s just not worth the hassle to pull it out. I often just use a whisk, but that also takes quite a bit of elbow grease, so I picked up the right tool for the job.

I’ve already used it, and it works like a dream.

Being a resident of Canada, I own of a lot of sweaters and sweaters have a tendency to pill. I’m constantly buying sweater combs and they last for about three uses before they end up in pieces.

Like this:

The plastic combs are not particularly expensive, but it adds up when I’m constantly replacing them. Plus, I hate the waste – both from the financial and environmental perspective.

I kept seeing The Laundress products on the J. Crew website.

The comb was a little pricey, but it looks like a quality product, and if it means not having to replace it anytime soon, I was willing to make the investment. Since it wasn’t an exclusive J. Crew product, I looked around for a local supplier, and found one in a store just a few blocks from home. We’ll see how it measures up to the cheap plastic Walmart version.

These vintage pocket binoculars were a pointless impulse purchase. It goes against my self imposed rule of not buying useless things to clutter up the house, but I just had to have them.

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Things I Bought – The Classics

It’s hard for me to get dressed this time of year. I’m tired of all the clothes I was so excited to wear back in the fall. Plus, it’s so cold and grey. The only thing I feel like putting on each morning is sweatpants and a hoodie. Of course, I can’t really do that. My office is fairly casual, but my stretchy yoga gear would be pushing the limits.

While I am lacking any real fashion inspiration, I’ve been looking for some classic pieces to carry me though the last dregs of winter. I always feel most put together when I wear the basics, and I need to feel as good as I can right now. I’m always so emotionally fragile during the month of February.

Here are a few things I’ve picked up lately:

This thrifted Bloomingdales branded cashmere sweater makes me think of Coco Chanel, and with that you can never go wrong.

Somewhere between the store and our laundry room, I lost the bottom button. My fingers are crossed that I can find a replacement.

Gold plated knot earrings (also second hand).

I splurged on these Nine West pumps. I love the little touch of animal print.

I’d been stalking them for months before Christmas and finally bought them with the help of a gift card. They’re surprisingly comfortable and the perfect heel height.

What do you wear to feel your best?

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Things I Bought Recently – Bridesmaid Edition

We’re going to a wedding this month. I’m the maid of honor and Jeremy is the best man. Sort of. Our titles aren’t official, but since we’re the only people in the wedding party, I think we can call ourselves anything we want. In fact, we’ll be the only people in attendance, period.

I’ll explain the limited guest list. While the bride and groom have family and friends they love dearly, they just wanted an inexpensive, uncomplicated, intimate event. The four of us have been meaning to get away together for years, and they’ve been engaged for ages. Now, the bride to be is pregnant with twins (in addition to the two little boys already part of their blended family) and time will soon be at a premium. So, the four of us are jetting off to Las Vegas for their shotgun, quasi elopement.

Our flights have been booked and our rooms are reserved. That was the easy part.

The big challenge was deciding what to wear.

J. Crew Sophia Dress
Ah, the J. Crew Sophia dress – my old standby. I wore the long version for our wedding and I have this short version already in black. What can I say? I love this dress. It’s comfortable, fits nicely and it’s made of a lovely fabric. This time around it was the colour that got me though. I had my heart set on something reddish or purple. I found a few other dresses I liked, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this one. It mysteriously disappeared from the J. Crew site for a while, but then reappeared last weekend, so I ordered it before it slipped away again (plus, there was an additional discount, of course).

I received the dress today. Correction – I received a dress today. Not this one. Three frustrating phone calls to J. Crew later, I’m assured the one I actually ordered is on it’s way. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Vintage Clutch

I’d been in the process of making a purse for this outfit, but I couldn’t quite get it right. The first one was too small and the second was the wrong fabric. I found this one when I was out buying fusible interfacing for my third attempt. Done.

Aldo Peep-Toe Pumps

I’d searched everywhere for a pair of leather (and not patent leather) heels in a natural/bone colour that fit my big, weird feet. These are almost perfect, but they’re a bit snug (and by a bit, I mean I whimper every time I put them on). Even after pushing them to the limit with a shoe stretcher, they’re still not comfortable. I have two options now: I can have my baby toes removed surgically, or I can drink a pint of tequila before the wedding to numb the pain.

I’ll probably go with the tequila.

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