Here’s Where I Rant About the Olympics

You guys, I’m so over the 2012 Olympics. It’s not the actual sports, although admittedly, I never had much interest, save for perhaps men’s diving, for reasons I’m sure I don’t need to explain. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, and I’ve been around for so many of these now, but I’m finding this Olympics has had the most banal media coverage ever. I just don’t remember being quite this annoyed four years ago.

I’m tired of the Twitter scandals, along with the knee jerk speculation that every athlete who performs well must be doping. I’ve also had enough of the complaints that the games have become too political and/or corporate. Furthermore, I cannot listen to one more story about how an athlete had to overcome a privileged middle class background to make it the top.

Then, there’s the usual whining that not enough tax payer money is allocated to support our nation’s athletes. I heard a competitor on the radio a few days ago, lamenting the fact that her training schedule doesn’t allow her much time for a job, and she’s deep in debt. Tragic for sure, but wait until you hear MY tale of woe:

My job doesn’t leave me enough time for my hobbies.

Sad trombones for everyone.

Finally, is pompous assery now a competitive sport? No? Then what is Mitt Romney doing there, and why is his name part of a bolded headline on every Olympic related piece, in every news source I’ve picked up this week?

So, if you’re sharing my pain this week, I’ve collected a few fun things in the spirit of the games, but more entertaining than what the mainstream media has to offer.

Dave Barry is sharing his experiences in London. His columns can be found on the Miami Herald Website.

Also, all of this Olympic fuss made me think of one of my favourite made for TV movie ever, so I looked it up and look what I found.


Part 1 is missing, but the rest is here for your viewing pleasure.

I also love this Hater’s Guide to the Olympics. (Thanks Melissa!)

Less than two weeks to go, folks. Together, we can make it through!

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