Me: I’ve been watching the first season of the The Rockford Files on Netflix. I’d forgotton how much I loved that show. James Garner is so charismatic.

It’s so not politically correct by today’s standards though. It’s soooo sexist! The way they portray women on that show is just…

Jeremy (interrupts): Honey, you really shouldn’t be worrying your pretty little head about stuff like that.

*sad trombone*

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That’s the only way I can describe the past month. It was an amazing holiday season spent with our family and friends.

Here are some random pictures I took around the house last month:

I was a baking machine this year. I made at least 10 dozen cookies.

Plus, a gingerbread cheesecake for dessert on Christmas day.

Maya, being lazy. As usual.

I love Christmas music.

I dusted off the center piece I made at the workshop last year.

It was a great month, but I’m looking forward to a quiet January.

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