Yule Logs

I can’t remember a busier autumn than I’ve had this year. In a good way though. This whole season has been a whirlwind of visits with friends, concerts, local festivals and our biggest news – both Jeremy and I have new jobs! I have so much to blog about these days, but I just haven’t found the time.

One of the many things I’ve been meaning to write about, is a holiday swag and center piece workshop I attended a few weeks ago. I was invited by my friend, Laurie, a visual merchandiser by trade, but also a strong contender to be the next Martha Stewart.

The workshop took place over a Sunday morning at a floral supply wholesaler. While it was geared toward florists, I still took away a lot of inspiration from the demonstation and came away with this:

The birch logs are real, but everything else is artificial.

I’m going to hate to put this away after Christmas.

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Pom Pom Wreath

About a year ago, I made a bunch of pom poms using all the leftover bits of yarn that had accumulated over time from various other projects. Then, I found myself with a box of random pom poms in different colours and sizes that I didn’t know what to do with.

Inspired by a picture I’d seen on Pinterest, I fired up the glue gun this week and finally put them to good use.

About half way though the project, I thought I would run out of pom poms, but it turned out, I had just enough. Literally, there was not a single pom pom to spare.

They’re attached to a 12 inch styrofoam ring I picked up at Michaels, and not including the hours spent making pom poms, it only took about 45 minutes to assemble. It was one of those rare projects that just came together seamlessly with little effort.

I can only hope everything this season will be as perfect and easy!

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After my last craft related post called sweater pillow, Jeremy pointed out that my title is actually a euphemism for boobs. According to the <a “href=http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sweater%20pillows”>Urban Dictionary, he’s right. So, if your Google query brought you here in search of breasts, I’m really sorry to have misled you.

Might I interest you a crochet project though?

I just finished this boa scarf and with winter just around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to share the pattern.

This is not a scarf for just being fashionable, although it is cute. This is a cold weather scarf. It’s for the kind of day when your breath stops short when you walk outside and the frigid air fills your lungs. It’s for day when you sit in your car shivering, as you optimistically hold and twist the key in the ignition, coaxing your reluctant engine to turn over in the grey morning light.

This is a scarf for the most dismal days of the long winter.

It’s also a great scarf for anyone new to crochet. It looks fancy, but the pattern is actually incredibly simple.

You’ll need 3 balls of medium weight yarn and a size 6 crochet hook.

Chain 135. This makes the finished product about 48 inches. You can chain more or less for a longer or shorter scarf. It’s up to you.

Row 1
Dc in 4th chain. Continue with 1 dc in each chain. Work 6 dc in last chain to turn, then dc once in each chain on the other side. Work 6 dc in last chain. Join with sl.

Rows 2 to 4
Chain three and work 2 dc in first stitch, then and continue working 2 dc in each stitch until you get back to the beginning. Repeat for rows 3 and 4.

Stay warm, my friends.

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