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Here are a few fantastic things you need to know about if you don’t already:

Revisionist History has been around for a few years. In fact, it was the podcast that initially turned me on to podcasts in the first place.

In each episode, he reexamines an event in history and offers some hindsight, a unique perspective and some less examined and sometimes unintended consequences in that Gladwellian style that he is known for.

I highly recommend each and every episode from all 3 seasons but most recently the episodes called A Polite Word for Liar and Free Brian Williams where he talks about the fallibility of memory is – no pun intended, memorable.

This kept popping up as a recommended watch for me on Netflix and I kept ignoring it because I’d never heard of Hannah Gadsby and usually when I turn on Netflix I’m just looking for background noise. I often just watch a movie I’ve seen a thousand times or a few episodes of the IT Crowd or something. Then, a few friends mentioned it in Facebook posts so I sat down to watch it one night while I crocheted before bed.

About 15 minutes into the special, I put down my yarn and hook. I’d barely managed a single stitch since I’d started watching. The first half is funny as she recounts her foray into comedy but then deconstructs her self-deprecating humour. It gets unfunny very quickly but her message is important and she delivers it impeccably. It was tense, honest and poignant.

It also feels particularly relevant right now as our new provincial government may or may not be rolling back a new curriculum in schools that covers self-conceptualization respect, abuse, and acceptance for the world we now live in.

This just needs to be watched.

I’m not a huge pop drinker but ginger ale is one of my comfort drinks. I remember having it warm and flat to settle my stomach when I was sick as a child and then more recently, the nurses at the hospital would always bring me a cup when I would stop by the Labour and Delivery ward for fetal heart rate monitoring when I was pregnant with Little B. I was there a lot and would have just camped out there for months if they’d let me. Laying on that bed, hooked up to the monitor with my environmentally unfriendly, hospital-issued white styrofoam cup with a straw was the only time I felt safe and secure throughout my entire pregnancy. I also love anything lemony, so this is a perfect match for me. Comforting and refreshing!

Let me know what else I should be watching, hearing, drinking, or whatever.

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