If I could play outside…

So, we’re now in the middle of April and it’s still f*$%ing winter.

I’m beyond my usual seasonal blues. I’m now bitter and angry as we’re hunkered down during what the news is calling a “potentially historic ice storm.” I tired of being cold all the time and I am completely out of ideas as to how to entertain a busy almost 3-year-old inside (she doesn’t like the cold either and loses her shit if you try to get her into a snowsuit).

My seedings in the window yesterday while my daffodils are were getting pelted with ice and snow outside below.

I want to go outside and play in the backyard.

I need sunshine.

I’m withering and wilting!

Right now, all I can do is pin gardening ideas and make plans for better days, if they ever come.

Here are my backyard goals for this summer:

1. Grow more flowers.

Last year I was focused on growing food and will be again this year. I’ve been feeling like we need a bit more colour in our yard though. We don’t have many flower beds that are in full sun so that means I’ll need to cut a bed somewhere in the middle of the yard and I can’t quite decide where to do it.

2. Grow more squash.

I was so excited about my starship squash last summer, I’ve picked up a few more varieties and the seeds are germinating as I write this. I have the same dilemma here as I do with growing sun-loving flowers though. I need to find a sufficiently sunny spot for them. I should also build a structure to grow them vertically too. Maybe something like this arch?

This photo is from Get Busy Gardening)

3. Make our deck cozy and hospitable.

Our deck could be lovely, it’s just unusable at the times we want to be on it. There are three main issues that prevent us from fully enjoying this space.

First, our cushions are usually packed away, either in the garage or somewhere in the house and I’m often too lazy to get them when I want to sit outside. The deck isn’t covered, so I don’t like leaving them exposed to the elements, but we need somewhere to store them on the deck so they’re readily available.

Another problem is our deck is positioned so that the setting sun beats down on it right at dinner time so we can’t enjoy dinner out there. We tried curtains a few years ago but they were destroyed in a windstorm and never replaced. We need something to shield us from the sunset that is sturdy enough to leave out but not permanently in place, as I would like to be able to look out over the yard throughout the rest of the day. I’m currently at a loss as to what I’m going to do there.

This is the deck on a much nicer day than today.

My last barrier to fully enjoying the deck is that when the sun goes down it gets too buggy to sit outside. I’m one of those people with whatever blood type mosquitoes love so I get swarmed at dusk. Aside from planting more repelling herbs and flowers and buying more citronella candles, I’d like to get some kind of a chair that I could cover with mosquito netting at night, if need be, as I want nothing more to than to spend my summer nights reading outside with a glass of wine.

I currently have my eye on this as a solution:

It’s from Wayfair

But for now, all I can do sit inside and sulk.

What are your gardening plans for this summer?

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