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Here are a few fantastic things you need to know about if you don’t already:

The other day I was scrolling through YouTube trying to find some music to play for Little B. I’m trying to expose her to a variety of songs and genres. Somehow, I stumbled upon a cover of Olivia Newton John’s Physical by Juliana Hatfield. We loved it, and upon further investigation, it turns out she’s made an entire album of Olivia Newton-John songs!

I was such a big fan of Juliana Hatfield in the 90s – remember that time that she played the Christmas angel on My So-Called Life? Ya, that was awesome. Coupled with the fact that as a child I absolutely worshipped Olivia Newton-John, this combination is musical heaven for me.

Speaking of amazing women:

Have you heard the Unladylike podcast?

It’s a wonderfully sensible approach to feminism hosted by two very likeable and relatable women. They tackle a variety of issues and feature real stories from women who have faced adversity. Each episode has left me feeling informed, empowered and slightly outraged.

And, completely unrelated:

Dill pickle crunchy toppers!

A friend recommended these last week and I’m hooked. I guess you’re supposed to put them on burgers or casseroles but I don’t really make either of those things so I’ve just been eating them by the handful. They’re delicious and they’re made with real cucumber!

Seriously though, it always irks me a little when a company has to boast about the fact that a product actually contains the thing for which the foodstuff is named. How is that a selling feature when you’re reminding people that your products are mostly processed crap? Just let me assume I’m eating something akin to food, even if I’m not, thank you very much! Anyway, despite this, I can’t seem to keep my paws out of the container whenever I pass through the kitchen.

What are you excited about this week?

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