For the Birds

Last summer we had to cut down our beautiful birch tree. The foliage had been eaten by asian beetles and we just couldn’t save it. With birch branches still quite trendy in outdoor arrangements, I kept the larger pieces, hoping to somehow incorporate the branches back into our garden.

It took me a while to figure out what to do with them but it finally hit me when I was searching for bird baths on Pinterest. We’d been looking for one for years, but we hadn’t been able to find one with the right combination of tasteful (for Jeremy) and kitsch (for me). I was thinking of something that featured a ornate fountain with a statue of an animal or cherub relieving itself, but you know, classy like.


For the stand, I attached the branches with jute twine (leftover from the stool project) using this tutorial. The bath is a big bowl I found in a thrift shop.


This won’t be a permanent fixture – the branches and twine will surely rot over a couple of years. In the meantime though, I was happy to find a use for the branches.

I still have a few smaller pieces left over, so I’m thinking about a centerpiece like the one
I made for Christmas a few years ago. I’m open to suggestions though. Have you seen any cute or clever craft ideas using birch lately?

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