Baby, Baby, Baby

Posted by danielle on December 11th, 2013. Filed under: I Make Things, Recent Posts.

According to my what to expect iPhone app, I’m now in my third trimester. It’s pretty obvious now too. Almost overnight, I’ve gone from looking like I’ve had an exceptionally large lunch, to yep, there’s really a baby in there.

Third trimester also means it’s time to start some baby preparations. Apparently, today’s baby needs a lot of stuff. Over the past few weeks, it’s actually become a bit of an obsession for me. I should be Christmas shopping, but instead I’ve been cleaning the local thrift stores out of premium brand onesies and sleepers. Secondhand retail has been so good to us. My friends have been even better. Thanks to them, we now have a full set of cloth diapers and a plethora of ways to detain and entertain a small human. We are so grateful.

We almost have some space cleared for our new addition too. Over the weekend I finally made it down to the last layer of junk in my soon-to-be former sewing room. Before I moved my sewing machine though, I had a few projects I wanted to tackle, including a nursing pillow.

This is one of those items that kept popping up on lists of must have baby things. They cost between $30 and $60 dollars, but since I had everything I needed to make one, I tackled it myself.

I found the pattern here.

It turned our smaller that I’d expected – smaller than the ones I’ve seen in stores anyway (it is however, cat sized). Also, the slipcover didn’t quite fit as snuggly as I would have liked. I think it‘ll do for now though. If I do find it useful, and want a bigger one later on, I can always enlarge the pattern and whip up a new one, as this one only took about an hour to put together.

Now I can go back to stalking dressers on Craigslist and researching strollers, which is akin to buying a car with all of the models and options. I think they cost about the same too. Eek!

2 Responses to Baby, Baby, Baby

  1. Matthew

    I first read that part as “drain and entertain a small human”. Still accurate!

  2. Trish

    Nursing pillows are extremely useful! And you don’t want to use a nice pillow as there’s lots of spit up mess too.

    Strollers are the baby gear that guys actually enjoy buying – we spent a ton on ours but definitely got our money’s worth out of it. We were broke when we had D as we’d just bought our first home so he didn’t end up getting a dresser – their clothes are still in plastic drawers! Oops. Eventually I’ll do up their rooms….

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