Have Camper, Will Travel – Part 2

So, now we’ve come to the actual camping part of or trip.

Later that day, we arrived at the tip of Cape Cod.

I’d been there before, many years ago, and I’d been longing to come back since. The first time had been on a summer holiday with my best friend, back when were were in school . It’d been the sequel to our Graceland road trip. It was the Grease 2 of vacations – it was great, but lacked the magic of the original.

We set up camp at the The Dunes Edge Campground.

One of the great things about this spot was is it’s proximity to Provincetown. It was easily within walking distance to shopping, restaurants and the beach. We could have both a camping experience right along with the Cape Cod tourist experience, without having to drive anywhere.

This location was also a blessing when we arrived and discovered the area doesn’t allow campfires. This had thrown a wrench in our dinner plans. We’d planned on a campfire meal, and while the trailer does have a stove, we don’t like the idea of frying meats or doing anything greasy and splattery in such a confined space.

So, we just walked into town and found a restaurant. Then, the next day, we went back to pick up a portable propane grill so we could cook up the food we’d brought. We’d been planning to get a grill eventually anyway, so we just crossed one more thing off our camping accessory wish list.

Provincetown is a charming resort town at the very end of the cape. It’s best known for being super gay, and I mean that literally, and entirely without mocking.

Same-sex couples out numbered us straight folk at least 3:1, and in keeping with stereotypes, that demographic always seems to attract fantastic fashion and home decor shops, along with great restaurants.

When were weren’t wandering around Provincetown, we hung out on or campsite.

Playing relaxing and playing games.

It’s a shame it’s such a long drive for us, we’d love to spend more time here.

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