My Obsession

As I mentioned last week, I am OBSESSED with our new camper, and I can hardly focus on anything other than decorating it.

Before we take it on the road next month, I have the following projects I want to complete:

  • Cushions – The existing cushions in the sleeping/dining area are fine but they are tired and a bit grungy from age.
  • Window Valances – to coordinate with the new cushions, obviously.
  • Cupboards – I’m going to paint the cupboards dark brown. Right now they’re white, which s fine, but I think they’d look better if they matched the trim in throughout the rest of the camper.
  • Fridge – Right now there’s a fabric panel on the door, but I’d like to replace it with stainless steel. Alternatively, we might just replace the whole fridge because it’s very old, but in the meantime, it’s getting a blast of spray paint.
  • Counter Space – My Dad, the king of sheet metal, is going to make us a cover to place over the stove when it’s not in use. This will give us more workspace on the tiny counter.

Next, we’ll need accessories. I’m trying to achieve a rustic cabin look for the interior.

The one thing I’m struggling with at the moment is the fabric for the cushions. I’d like a print or pattern – something a bit kitschy without being over the top. Most importantly, it needs to be affordable. Last weekend we searched every fabric store within a 50km radius. Next weekend, we’ll be casting our net wider.

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