Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

We’d given up on tent camping years ago, and since then, when it came to outdoor experiences, we’d replaced them with the occasional cabin rental and, of course, there was our glamping trip last year. When we discussed why we didn’t want to camp anymore, we’d determined that it was mostly the sleeping in a tent part, with too much effort setting up coming in at a close second. Tied for third was lack of plumbing (me) and no refuge from the summer heat (Jeremy).

Still, we missed camping, and for years we’d thrown around the idea of getting a small camper, but there were a few things standing in our way. Our compact cars weren’t able to haul even the lightest trailer, and back when we lived in our townhouse, we didn’t have anywhere to keep one when it wasn’t in use. Renting a camper was an option, but surprisingly, it costs a fortune. Financially, it didn’t make any sense.

These days, we have both an SUV, and a long, private driveway. There’s nothing holding us back anymore, so the trailer discussion had been back on the table, although casually. We weren’t overly motivated to get one. “If we came across the right trailer, for the right price, we’d probably do it,” I’d recently told a friend, when the subject of camping came up. We weren’t actively looking though.

Then, Sunday afternoon, while I was out running errands, unbeknownst to me, Jeremy was at home surfing Kijiji for used campers, and he found the one.

So, to kick of the summer, we’ve become proud owners of this 13-foot camper.

(this was the former owner’s photo)

We could not be more excited to be campers again.

The trailer is almost 30 years old, but it’s in fantastic condition. The former owners have clearly taken great pride in it. The exterior had been painted last year, and it’s also in great shape inside. It’ll be getting an interior makeover nonetheless – decorating a camper has always been one of my dream DIY projects.

Stay tuned, as I’m firing up my glue gun and revving up the sewing machine. Before and after pics of our new summer home on wheels will be forthcoming!

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  1. How fun! We love to camp and our dream someday is to have a camper as well. We can’t get one now due to lack of space, but someday. Looking forward to seeing your DIY of the interior 🙂 Heather

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