A Place in the Sun

Posted by danielle on March 20th, 2013. Filed under: I Make Things, Recent Posts.

It’s been a rough winter for the two furry quadrupeds that make up part of our little family. Maya, who was diagnosed with diabetes last spring, was not well when we returned from our trip to Florida in January, and just as she started to bounce back, Gwendolyn took a turn for the worse. We are told she’s has kidney problems and an enlarged heart, among a myriad of other minor ailments.

For almost a decade we’d enjoyed the carefree lifestyle that came with cat ownership. Healthy cats are extremely low maintenance, but over the course of a year, our house has become a feline nursing home. Maya gets two insulin injections daily, while Gwendolyn needs oral medications that she’s reluctant to consume. One night this week, it took us over an hour to get her to ingest a pill.

Seriously, nothing is more humbling than being on the losing side in a battle of wills with a 8 pound ball of fur.

It all really sucks, but our pets are getting older. We love them though, and we’ll just keep doing our best to keep them as comfortable and content as possible.

One of Gwendolyn’s favourite spots is the dining room window sill. The window faces our back yard and it’s a great place for bird watching, not to mention, it offers a great view of the fence that runs along our driveway. This fence serves as a thoughfare for squirrels. It’s about 3 feet from the floor to the sill, and although she doesn’t seem to have much trouble with the jump, she’s getting older and arthritic, so I thought she might like a little help getting up there.

I bought a second hand stool ages ago, for this purpose, and had been sitting in the garage waiting to be refurbished. Over the weekend, I finally got around to finishing it off.

FIrst, to cover up the original copper toned paint, I sprayed it with some leftover Tremclad I’d used to paint our living coffee table last year. The colour is antiqued bronze. Next, I removed the dingy vinyl cover from the seat, gave it some fresh foam padding, and upolstered it with a piece of vintage Vera Neuman print barkcloth. Finally, I added some new rubber feet since two of the original four were missing.

Much like her fireplace pillow, she was into it right away. I hope this makes her little kitty life a bit easier.

4 Responses to A Place in the Sun

  1. H&K Style Journey

    Furbabies are just as much part of the family as our children. You are a good mommy for helping her see out the window 🙂

  2. Ginny

    I’m sorry to hear about your cat’s illness 🙁 I know it’ll be awful when we get to this stage with our dog.

  3. lara

    Awwww you’re such a good cat mom. That little bench is perfect! I had a kitty live to be 19. You still have a long time with these fuzzballs! 🙂

  4. danielle

    I sure hope so:)

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