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I’ve joined a gym.

Sort of.

It’s not really a gym. it’s one of those franchised, women’s only, circuit training facilities, and not what you might think. This wasn’t a new year resolution cliche. I actually joined back in November when I stepped on a scale, and discovered I was the heaviest I’ve ever been. In an act of desperation, I signed a year of my life away to a fitness chain. It turned out, I got there just in time. When they took my weight an measurements, it was discovered that my BMI was .1% outside of my recommended range.

Here’s the thing about me and exercise: I don’t like it. I understand the importance of it for my health though. Plus, the way I look is important to me. I’ve always had to work hard to stay slim, and it keeps getting harder. I just wish there was a better way. I’d love a magic pill that would allow me to scarf down a bag of kettle chips, then lose weight while sprawled on the couch while watching Netflix. Of course, such a thing doesn’t exist, so I struggle to find ways to stay active.

I’m constantly trying new things to stay fit, and hopefully someday, find an activity I’ll actually enjoy doing in the long term. Over the years, I’ve tried so many things. I was into pilates for a while, before moving on to yoga. Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram, Arial – you name it, I’ve done it. Power walking was my new thing for a while, but then it got cold. I pick up running occasionally, and I tried spin classes for a period of time. There were also Tennis lessons, which I loved, but indoor racquet clubs are so expensive and our summers get too hot to play outside. Then, there’s our home equiptment. We have a stationary bike, several Wii fitness games, and an assortment of hand weights that were used for a while and then forgotten in the deptpths of the basement (or used as doorstops). I find I get really pumped about things, but then I always lose my enthustaim.

So far, I’ve managed to stick to my new workout regiment, four days a week, since I joined in mid-November, although most days it’s a battle with my inner self to get there. It helps that I go after work and actually drive by this facility on my way home from the office. It’s not the least bit out of my way, which makes excuses harder to come by. Plus, the circuit takes only a half hour, and even though it often seems like the longest 30 minutes of my day, the low time commitment has been one of the more appealing aspects of this endever. This place wasn’t cheap either – but I am, so the idea of getting my money’s worth from this membership is important to me.

So far, the results haven’t been overwhelming, which has been a bit discouraging, but I’ve been focusing on the postive. I have muscles again where I’d become doughy, and although I haven’t lost a substantial amount in inches, I’m looking toned and feeling strong. The spare tire around my waist has gone from mac truck to mountain bike sized. Plus, I’ve been sleeping so much better and my BMI is in the recommended range again, although I still aim to get back to the lower end of that scale.

Slow and steady wins the race, they say, so I’ll keep at it. Then soon, I hope to have a triumphant after photo of me holding out the waistband of my too big pants.

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  1. H&K Style Journey

    Good for you! Half the battle is just doing it. I hate exercising, so it has to be fun for me. I usually do the Wii Fit, bike riding, or hula hooping, lol! I am a kid at heart 🙂 Heather

  2. lyddiegal

    having something you can stick with is the most important thing. I know I’m a failure when it comes to getting and staying active. I swear I ‘ll do better when it’s warmer out.

  3. Ginny

    Yeah for your progress! I really need to start working out again, I just haven’t since my son was born. I love it once I’m at the gym, I hate it on the drive there….

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