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Oh, Pinterest.

So many great ideas, so little time.

I think I’ve pinned more DIY, craft and décor inspiration than I’ll ever be able to tackle in my lifetime.

Last week, I saw a pin that suggested using a glass decanter in the bathroom for mouthwash, and I thought that would be really cute. It was also an easy project to accomplish. I see decanters all the time. They’re plentiful in antique shops and second hand stores. I picked up this super grungy one from a thrift shop last week.

Seriously, it was disgusting. You can’t tell from the picture, but the grime actually had texture.


I debated buying it because I really didn’t want to touch it, but I liked the size and shape. In the end, I gingerly brought it home and then sterilized it within and inch of its life.

It looked a little to boozy at first – like I was keeping liqueur by the sink, so I added some text with some dollar store alphabet stickers and etching cream.

I think this makes it look a little more bathroomy, and hopefully clear up any confusion about its purpose.

3 Responses to Decanted

  1. lara

    oh that is so so great AND easy!!! you did such a nice job on the etching. “Rinse” is super clever! I may have to steal this!

  2. H&K Style Journey

    Ha ha! I love the way it turned out. Great job!

  3. lyddiegal

    that is really cute – i love that you etched text into the glass!

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