Things I Bought – The Classics

It’s hard for me to get dressed this time of year. I’m tired of all the clothes I was so excited to wear back in the fall. Plus, it’s so cold and grey. The only thing I feel like putting on each morning is sweatpants and a hoodie. Of course, I can’t really do that. My office is fairly casual, but my stretchy yoga gear would be pushing the limits.

While I am lacking any real fashion inspiration, I’ve been looking for some classic pieces to carry me though the last dregs of winter. I always feel most put together when I wear the basics, and I need to feel as good as I can right now. I’m always so emotionally fragile during the month of February.

Here are a few things I’ve picked up lately:

This thrifted Bloomingdales branded cashmere sweater makes me think of Coco Chanel, and with that you can never go wrong.

Somewhere between the store and our laundry room, I lost the bottom button. My fingers are crossed that I can find a replacement.

Gold plated knot earrings (also second hand).

I splurged on these Nine West pumps. I love the little touch of animal print.

I’d been stalking them for months before Christmas and finally bought them with the help of a gift card. They’re surprisingly comfortable and the perfect heel height.

What do you wear to feel your best?

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  1. i love your classic picks. that sweater is perfect and so versatile! in the winter, to get out of the blahs, i usually try to wear bright spring colors…one can wish for warmer weather!!

  2. I get the winter blues this time of year. The grey skies and cold weather are so depressing. Dressing in bright colors usually helps me feel a little better. I love your shoes that you bought! Heather

  3. I love that first sweater, so pretty!

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