Snow Day

Posted by danielle on February 9th, 2013. Filed under: I Make Things, Recent Posts.

So, we got a bit of snow here on Friday. I managed to get to work in the morning without much trouble, but the weather seemed to go from bad to worse by early afternoon. The office closed just after 2:00, and I arrived home just as the wind really started to pick up.

This gave me about 1/4 of a snow day, and I spent it making this floor cushion.

I put it in front of the fireplace for the cats to enjoy.

I think she likes it.

4 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Sue

    Great Idea.

  2. Tasia of Ruffles & Sequins

    hehe I think she likes it too! I was at work for the entire snow day, but I would have really liked a day off to get some crafty things done 🙂

  3. lara

    it’s purrrrfect!

  4. Regan

    I got 1/2 a snow day. I spent mine studing the income tax act and shovelling. I like your cats idea better, just sit and do nothing in front of a fireplace. 🙂

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