Great Vacations Start With Great Tops

Posted by danielle on January 9th, 2013. Filed under: I Make Things, Recent Posts.

Last weekend, Jeremy and I booked a winter vacation in Florida.

Unlike 99.9% of Canadians, I’ve never been. Seriously – ask anyone around here, even people who don’t consider themselves travelers. “I’ve never been anywhere, ” they’ll say. “Well, except Florida,” as though a trip to Orlando is as essential to childhood as a booster shot. It’s practically a Canadian province.

We Todds weren’t a Disney kind of family though, and my grandparents weren’t snowbirds. They all bravely endured the Canadian winters until the bitter end. During my university days, I spent my spring breaks picking up extra shifts at my part time job, rather than partying on Daytona Beach, so I missed out on those early opportunities to visit. Then, it eventually dropped off my list of must see places.

Jeremy, on the other hand, has been to Florida, and has fond memories of childhood vacations there with his family. Recently, he’s been talking about the two of us making a trip. With the temperatures plummeting around here, and my seasonal affective disorder closing in, it was time to start planning an escape.

So, our flights are booked to spend an extended weekend in and around Miami and the Florida keys, but we still have some details that need to be sorted out before we leave. We’ll need to hire our pet sitter, and I’ll definitely need a pedicure. Then, of course, there’s deciding which clothes pack. With that in mind, I think some new clothes are in order.

In keeping with my resolution of finishing projects, I completed this top over the weekend.

I used to the Colleterie’s Sorbetto Top pattern. The original pattern uses a pleat in the front, but as I tweaked it to fit me, I ended up going with a gathered neckline instead. This is a fantastic pattern if you’re learning to sew, or want to whip up a top in an hour or two. It’s also free and printable at home.

This was one of many work in progress tops laying around my sewing room. There’s still some time before we leave for our vacation. Hopefully, I’ll get at least another one finished before we go.

4 Responses to Great Vacations Start With Great Tops

  1. anna Today I Like Blog

    lucky you, Danielle! I guess same happens here in Spain: lots of people from the UK or Germany, to name just a few, have come to Spain looking for the sun and the beaches at least once in their lives. Hope you have a wonderful time .

  2. Trish

    I love the top!

  3. Lara

    I had no idea Canadians loved Florida! That’s adorable to me! I’ve never been (never a Disney person either) but my bestie from 3rd grade lives there and loves it, as does David’s grandparents. They keep wanting us to visit and I really want to see my friend so, I have a feeling I’ll be there in the next year!

    Love that you’re taking a nice vacation from the cold. Your winters sound so punishing. Winter here has been nonexistent this year though so some snow would be kinda nice.

    That top… that fabric is gorgeous! You did such a neat job on it. I had no idea you had sewed it when I first saw the picture!

  4. Tasia of Ruffles & Sequins

    LOLLLLLL That is so true! I find so many people have been to Florida from Canada – especially people from the maritimes. If there’s all that wonderful world to see, why would you only go to Florida? Blows my mind! 😛 Thanks for visiting my blog <3

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