A Belated Resolution

Posted by danielle on January 7th, 2013. Filed under: I Make Things, Recent Posts.

Until now, I had no intention of making any resolutions for 2013.

With Christmas out of the way, I’ve had a bit of free time that I’ve been spending catching up on some sewing (and watching seasons 1-3 of Beverly Hills 90210 on Netflix). While I was trying to find a particular piece of fabric in my horribly messy craft room, I uncovered at least a dozen partially finished projects I’d stashed away the last time I cleaned up in there.

Along with the unfinished projects, there are even more ideas for which I’ve already bought fabric or patterns. I also have a huge folder full of crafty ideas I’ve ripped from magazines or printed from the internet. Then, of course, there’s all the other things around the house that I want to do, but haven’t quite got around to yet.

So, I am resolving to clean up my craft room. Not by organizing it, but by actually finishing all of those unfinished projects.

In 2013 I will make things.

2013 is year I get things done.

Starting with pajama bottoms.

When my favorite pair of pajama pants became old and ratty, I’d saved them, with the intention of using them to create a pattern to clone them. That was years ago and I now have a drawer full of even more threadbare bottoms. I also have a bin full of flannels and cottons waiting to to be cut and sewn into pants. Yesterday, I finally traced the old pair on paper, and I now have a pattern so my beloved pants can live on.

I only had enough of this dot fabric for shorts.

These are made from a thin cotton. They’ll be nice in the summer.

These are made of warm, fuzzy, flannel – a bit more appriate for the current temperature in these parts right now.

I was going to make a bold and definitive goal, like completing a one project a week, but I decided not to. These are my hobbies and setting deadlines might take the fun out of them. Instead, i’ll just make an conscience effort to carve out time in my schedule for doing these things that I love, but never seem to find time for. Then, by this time next year, I’ll be able to see the floor in my sewing room again!

2 Responses to A Belated Resolution

  1. H&K Style Journey

    I don’t make resolutions either because I never keep them. But I like the idea of setting goals for the new year. Your pajama bottoms turned out great! The flamingos are fun 🙂 Heather

  2. Lara

    This is a great resolution! Those pajamas are adorable and the shorts are perfect for getting rid of a small amount of fabric you have left! Awesome idea!

    I should do the same… seriously, my repair/mend/sew a button on pile is getting ridiculous.

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