Happy Halloween!

While I love Halloween, there’s not much going on at our house this year. In fact, for the last few years, we’ve been opting out of the neighbourhood candy distribution. There’s just no point. We’re the last house on a dead end street and so few kids seem to be willing to make the long journey, all the way to the end of the cul-du-sac.

I used to do all the standard Halloween things. I’d carve a pumpkin and buy bags of candy. Then, I’d sit by the door and wait for the trick or treaters with my big bowl of miniature chocolate bars. With the exception of a handful of children, our doorbell would remain silent. We’d then be left with copious amounts of candy to supplement our already questionable diets.

So, now we’re the jerks who hide in the basement with the lights off. Although, if previous years are any indication, I doubt anyone will notice.

I really do love halloween though – especially dressing up. I love costumes. Since I didn’t dress up this year, I thought I’d share a few costumes from Halloweens past.

Here I am, circa 1979, as Little Red Riding Hood. I think this is one of my favourite costumes ever. The dress was light blue polyester and about ten sizes too big. The cape was soft and velvety. I loved the hell out of that cape.

Incidentally, the improvised basket candy bag is a waste basket that currently resides in our bedroom. It’s probably older than me. I love things that were made to last.

In the first grade, I wore the classic witch costume. I’m sure almost every girl has phoned it in with this one at least once in their lives.

Enough about my costumes. I stole this photo from my sister-in-law’s Facebook album:

I had to. It was just too cute not to be shared.

Jeremy is the devil. Seriously adorable!

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  1. Awww! So cute! Yeah… I did that exact same witch thing. Mom made up my face super scary and I cried when I saw myself in the mirror so, she washed it off and I went trick-or-treating.

    Yeah, I feel you on the Halloween curmudgeony feelings.
    I used to LOVE dressing up. My circle of friends made Halloween the most epic holiday but D and I have kinda gotten out of it. Sometimes I miss it but this year, I worked late and came home exhausted and passed out early. Bleh.

  2. Halloween, like so many things is what you make it! We had the ame problem when we moved to our curent place. No kids came to our door, we were so disappointed.

    So we decided to change things, and began to decorate our house with orange lights, spider webs, strobes, and hanging ghosts and ghouls from the trees.

    Guess what! Now we get tons of trick or treaters. I love dressing up, passing out candy, and seeing all the little ones in their costumes.

    Try it out! Give ’em a reason to make the long journey to the end of the cul de sac! It’s worth it!

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