Fashion Pet Peeves

Posted by danielle on September 15th, 2012. Filed under: Random, Recent Posts.

I’ll be the first to admit, although I try, I’m not always the most stylish girl on the block. I also don’t believe that a person’s outward appearance necessarily defines them. However, as a keen observer of style and trends, and an avid people watcher, I notice things.

I really try not to be too judgemental or critical of others. After all, those who live in glass houses certainly should not be throwing stones. There are things that bug me though, and sometimes I need to unleash some cattiness. That time is now.

Here’s my list minor annoyances, when it comes to fashion:

French Tip Pedicures
I think this looks lovely on fingernails but I just don’t think your toe nails should ever be long enough for tips.

Ridiculously High Heels
While we were having our pictures taken after our friend’s wedding back in August, a girl in another party, at a neighbouring chapel, was literally shuffling around the parking lot in a pair of platform stilettos. In fact, we saw this a lot in Vegas. Young women were stumbling around in obnoxiously high heels all over the place. You cannot possibly look sexy if you can’t pick up your feet.

Kitten Heels
What’s the point of a kitten heel? It doesn’t really lengthen the leg or define the calf. Heels are all about proportion, and kitten heels don’t really do anything. In fact, most of the time they look just seem awkward. Also, I think the name is an insult to kittens.

Dark Roots
I’m actually guilty of this one right now. Until about five years ago, I was a natural blonde (my hair has since turned mousy brown). People used to tell me how lucky I was to have such a lovely hair colour. “Women pay good money for hair like that,” I was so often told.

It’s true! I know this, because I’ve been spending a fortune highlighting my hair the beautiful shade I rocked naturally in my younger days. I get it now. Hair colour is hard to maintain. Still, dark roots look skanky.

Ultra Low Rise Jeans
You shouldn’t need a bikini wax to wear your jeans. That is all.

Clothing Out of Context :
For example: sportswear when you’re not working out, rubber clogs when you’re not gardening, and lounge pants when you’re not lounging. When I’ve had this conversation with my friends, those who regularly commit this crime, always have the same defence – they just want to be comfortable.

Now, I gained some weight a few years back, and since then, I rarely leave the house without my torso corseted in industrial strength shapewear, so I may have lost perspective on what comfort feels like. I find it hard to believe that proper trousers are that constricting though.

What are your style pet peeves?

4 Responses to Fashion Pet Peeves

  1. Marie-Eve @aprettynest

    I really don’t like french pedi either ! And ultra low rise jeans is not flattering on anyone !
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  2. Meg

    fashion pet peeves: bubble necklaces, loafers(am I trying to look like Hugh Hefner in my bathroom and loafers all day long?)

  3. Lara

    oh gosh, I totally agree on all of these! Love Meg’s loafers complaint too. I hate this new bedroom slipper trend. HATE!

    I think I’d have a bigger chance of breaking my ankle in kitten heels than stilettos. They throw my center of gravity off. So pointless.

  4. Meagan

    “You shouldn’t need a bikini wax to wear your jeans” – hahhahahhahahahahahah.
    I agree with absolutely everything you posted – and those kitten heels; don’t get me started. I think they are more hazardous than the stiletto’s!

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