Her Namesake

I was recently talking to someone about pet names, and I explained how I named my cat.

Later that day, I ordered this.

It’s a copy of a book I absolutely loved when I was little. I decided way back then, if I ever had a cat, I would name her after the feline heroine from this book.

This story is about the have and have nots of the cat world, focusing on the hard life of a stray cat on the streets of, what appears to be Paris. The illustrations are adorable and it has a happy ending.

“Some cats have to button up for nasty weather. They wear green sweaters and matching galoshes.”

It’s true. Some cats do wear green sweaters.

My neighbour’s cat wears a green sweater.

I keep forgetting to ask them about it. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

I don’t know much about my cat’s past. I didn’t know her as a kitten. She was at least a year old when she came to live with me, and I’m almost certain she was surrendered, rather than a stray (I got her from a woman who rescues and finds homes for cats).

I doubt she’s ever lived the tough life life of her fictional namesake.

Still, I called her Gwendolyn.

How did you name your pet(s)?

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  1. Oh that is sooo cute! She looks just like her! 😉
    Meow Meow because I was 4
    Laurie because I named everything after myself for a while
    Sunshine – I was maybe 7 and she was yellow
    Ringo – he drummed on his box when he was a baby.
    Nibbles was a nibbler
    Ulti – the Ultimate Warrior – David’s idea

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