My Recipe for a Perfect, Relaxing Summer Night

In the summer of 2005, a friend invited me to Chicago for the weekend. While travelling together for work, we’d discovered a shared love for bands from the 90s. Some of our favourites were playing at Lollapalooza that year, and she had tickets.

That Saturday morning, we took The L from her home in Oak Park, and headed down to Grant Park for the festival. We spent the day watching bands and wandering around downtown. It was my first trip to the city, and I wanted to get in as much sight seeing as I could between shows.

At the end of the day, we were exhausted – that kind of fatigue that comes along with walking all day in the summer heat. As the sun went down over Lake Michigan, we bought ourselves a few cups of cold beer and found a nice spot on the grass to enjoy the day’s final show. The last performance of the night was Weezer.

Skin still warm from the sun, relaxing in the park with the incredible Chicago skyline illuminated behind us, while watching one of my very favourite bands, just gave me this ultimate sense of contentment. Often, when I think about the things I love so much about summer, that evening comes to mind.
You just can’t recreate moments like that.

Or can you?

On Friday night after work, along with my friend Angie, I drove down to Buffalo, for another outdoor Weezer show.

Sure, the Erie Canal Wharf doesn’t quite compare to Chicago’s world renowned waterfront park, but it was still quite lovely (you can’t really tell from my photo, as the stage is below the I-190, but the lake and sunset were right behind us). It didn’t matter though, that feeling of blissful summer calm prevailed.

We found a great little patch of lawn, with a good view, to enjoy the concert. The weather was perfect and the beer was cold and refreshing. Weezer, once again, put on an amazing show. Just when I thought I couldn’t love them more, they covered Poison’s Talk Dirty to Me for their encore. It seemed like such an odd choice, but it really worked. I seriously love these guys!

So, there you have it. My recipe for a perfect, relaxing, summer evening: a plastic cup full of cold beer, a comfortable spot on a grassy knoll and Weezer.

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  1. Weezer. I would’ve never figured you a Weezer girl! So cute!
    Sounds like a great time actually.
    The heat has been absolutely unbearable around here this summer. I want to do more stuff outside!

  2. Yep, huge Weezer girl.

    It’s been pretty oppressive here also, so I haven’t been outside nearly as much as I’d like either. Some of the evenings have been ok though.

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