My Weekend was Awesome!

When I heard Corey Hart was performing in Toronto for the first time in over a decade, I was ecstatic (I recently chronicled my love for him here). However, when I really thought going downtown, for a free concert, on a long weekend, I quickly lost my enthusiasm. Just the thought of gridlock, exorbitant parking prices, and crowds made seeing my childhood crush considerably less appealing. I decided to skip it.

Then, late last week, I started hearing a nagging voice from my inner tween. By Wednesday, I knew I had to go. What was I thinking? I mean, this was COREY HART, how could I possibly stay away? I was too young to go to a concert back when he was a huge pop star, so I owed it to twelve year old me to go. I recruited one of my oldest and dearest friends (she was also a big fan) to join me and away we went.

After the show – which, by the way, was amazing – we went dancing. I was so focused on the fact that we were going to see Corey Hart, I’d overlooked the fact that the show was part of the Pride celebration. It turned out to be an unexpected surprise, especially for my friend. While she’s straight, she loves to dance and her favourite colour is rainbow. There was music and colour everywhere, so we stuck around and danced until we literally couldn’t stand any longer.

This was the first time we’d ever been to a Pride event, and the entertainment value from people watching alone was worth the trip. There were so many different kinds of people in one place. Every age, race and sexuality were represented. Young, old, black, white, topless, pantsless, gay, straight, men, women and everything in between. It was fantastic. We had a blast.

Fifteen years ago, shaking our asses on a dance floor into the wee hours of Sunday morning, was par for the course for us. These days, not so much. When I got up on Sunday, every inch of my body ached. Thankfully, I recovered just in time for the Canada Day celebration here in Burlington.

No matter how old I get, no matter how affected or jaded I become, fireworks never cease to amaze me.

Happy Canada Day!

How was your weekend?

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  1. So glad you decided to go to the concert!
    A ton of friends were reporting their exploits for Pride and omg it sounds like SO much fun!
    I can’t even imagine dancing all night again! My body would turn against me! Ha!
    Happy Canada Day!

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