Knobs and Pulls

A few years ago, when I redecorated our bedroom, I really wanted to replace the hardware on the furniture, but it was too expensive.

I loathe the original knobs and pulls. I have only myself to blame for their existence though. I picked them out myself in a moment of apathy and paralyzing indecision. That was over 10 years ago, when my Dad built the first of our two dressers. There are 10 pulls, 4 knobs and 4 hinges to replace between our two dressers. At about $5 to $10 a pop, the cost adds up quick, so I’ve learned to live with them.

Recently, Canadian Tire was clearing out their stock of drawer pulls and knobs. Almost everything was priced under $2 and they had a decent selection available. This was my opportunity make the change.

Once again, I was overcome with the same indecision I felt 10 years ago, when my Dad built these pieces. Brushed? Antiqued? Oil Rubbed? Chrome? Bronze? Classic? Contemporary?

Too many options!

Eventually I choose this wavy brushed nickel hardware.

It hasn’t made much impact on the overall look of the room though, as indicated by this discussion with Jeremy:

D: So…notice anything different about our room?

J: Nope.

D: Nothing at all?

J: I don’t know….Wait – something about hinges?
(I’d originally bought the wrong hinges for the highboy cabinets and mentioned I was going out to buy some earlier this week)

D: Close. I replaced the hardware.

He then went on to make some innuendo about pulling knobs and his hardware. My husband is many things, but mature is not one of them.

So, they didn’t make much of an impression.

Personally, I’m not sure if I really love them, but it’s an improvement. We’ll live with them for now, and maybe, in another decade, I’ll find something else.

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  1. Can you believe how expensive hardware is?! It’s crazy! I think they make a nice difference… definitely more current.

    Ha! Your husband sounds just like David. What’s with them and their knobs?

  2. It is crazy. Last year, I estimated that it would cost me over $100 to replace the hardware. Thankfully, I was about to do it for about $20, instead.

  3. hahahahahah. Oh Jeremy. Personally – I love the new dresser hardware. You did good my friend!

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