Things I’ve Bought Lately

So, over the weekend, I shot a roll of film with my $2.00 vintage camera and I’m now waiting for the results. In the meantime, here are a few other things I’ve bought lately – all thrifted.

Ever since I watched that first season of Hoarders, I’ve been concerned about my own tendency to collect things and accumulate stuff. This is why I vowed to myself that I’d stop buying vintage pyrex. Currently, I own about forty pieces, but I really only use about ten of them on a regular basis, so I’ve declared my collection complete. Then, I saw this flameware teapot. I’ve passed so many of these buy because they’ve all had chipped lids or spouts. This one was perfect.

This is the last one.

I mean it this time!

I’d also promised myself that I’d back on the amount of books I bring home. That too, went out the window, when I found this circa 1950s edition of The Joy of Cooking.

I’ve been really enjoying the record player Jeremy bought me for my birthday last year. My album collection (see what I mean about collecting things) hasn’t been coming together quite as fast as I’d hoped though. There’s lots and lots of old records out there, there just isn’t much in decent condition. Most are scratched or warped. So many have been tucked away for years in damp basements or garages, where the climate has taken its toll on the old vinyl. I’m also really picky about the condition of the sleeves when it comes to buying albums and to find them not torn or unblemished is an even more rare.

With that in mind, finding these classics in such remarkable condition was quite a score.

So, that’s not so bad. Just a few little things. No need to call A&E for an intervention yet.

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  1. You can’t say no to The Joy Of Cooking. Seriously. My dad got a copy of it at a flea market for me and it’s THE BEST!

    My mom used to have one of those teapots! So crazy, I had forgotten all about it. Pyrex is just the best.

    Your record choices are just so cute!
    Can’t wait to see the pics! Gosh, it’s been so long since I shot film!

  2. Danielle! That teapot is AWESOME!!!! If you ever come across one again can you please pick one up for me!!!! I absolutely love it!

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