California Vacation Part 5 – The Ennis House, Los Angeles

From San Luis Obispo we headed straight for Palm Springs.

Almost straight.

First we stopped in Santa Barbara. We parked downtown and stumbled upon a pretentious but delicious cafe for lattes. It was so snooty though, lattes weren’t even on the menu – it’s espresso with milk for the unenlightened.

A few hours later, we stopped again in Los Angeles. Partly for another potty/coffee/snack break, but mostly so I could see The Ennis House. This is another place on my Frank Lloyd Wright Must See Checklist.

Relying on our GPS to take us there, we followed it up a narrow, twisty road. It seems in California awesome things always seem to be at the end of narrow, winding roads. The car climbed higher, and higher, until the system told us we had arrived at our destination, but I just didn’t see it.

Then, I looked up.

Holy Crap.

It looms.

It’s privately owned, and currently vacant, due to damage sustained over the years from the elements.

Apparently, the owner is committed to rehabilitating the structure. I can’t even imagine how much that will cost.

I hope someday it’ll be open to the public, so I take a peak inside. In the meantime I just had to settle for the street view.

Even from the street it looks amazing.

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