Vacation Photos Part 1 – Carmel

We’ve been visiting California annually for nearly a decade, and it’s such a large, diverse state, I can’t see us stopping anytime soon. We love it. Every trip has been a new adventure, and we are always finding new places to explore, and sometimes we return to places we’ve breezed though on previous trips.

This year we returned to the central coast. Years ago, we’d stopped for the night in Carmel, on our way from San Francisco to Palm Springs. After spending less than a day in the area we’d wished we had more time to spend there. This time around we planned to stay for a few days to poke around.

On our way from the airport in San Jose, we stopped at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

We’d also been here a few years ago, on a cold dreary day in February. It had been empty that day, and nearly everything was closed. It felt sort of like being in a episode of Scooby Doo where we would try to find the ghost that’s scaring off the customers. We didn’t. We just left in search of lunch instead.

This visit was in a warm, sunny spring day. It was bustling. No ghosts to apprehend this time.

Then, we kept moving south to Carmel.

Carmel is a small city on the Monterey Peninsula, kind of in the middle of the state. It’s known for it’s beauty, which served as inspiration for it’s many artists who have made it home over the years. Ansel Adams once lived here, as well as Jack London. Clint Eastwood even served a term as Mayor here in the late 1980s.

There’s not really much to do in Carmel but take in the scenery. Many of the breathtaking views can be seen along the 17 Mile Drive, a toll road that loops though coniferous forests, along the coast and by some of the area’s famous golf courses, including Pebble Beach.

The best views though, are south of Carmel, near Big Sur – another area known for attracting creative types. Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller and Hunter S. Thompson, all spent time here.

This was just the beginning…

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