The Running of the Swans

Last night we returned from a whirlwind vacation over my Birthday/Easter weekend. We managed to see a lot over the few days we were gone, and I have a ton of pictures to prove it. While I download and sort though my photos from last week’s adventure, here’s a few from the weekend before.

Pamplona has the running of the bulls, but here, across the pond, we have the releasing of the swans. I’ve never been to the Spanish celebration, but I imagine they’re similar, except ours is quieter, with less goring.

Stratford, Ontario is well known for it’s Shakespeare Festival, fabulous restaurants, and picturesque riverfront, where the city maintains a herd of swans. During the summer months they mingle in the Avon River with the native geese and ducks. At the end of the warm season, the Swans are rounded up and sheltered for the winter. Then in April, they are ceremoniously led back to the water by a band of pipers.

This was my first time witnessing this event, and I must thank Jeremy and my friends Carrie and Nelson, as well as their daughters, who stood outside with me on a dreadfully cold, rainy afternoon, so I could see it. I am sure they would have preferred to spend their Sunday doing something warmer and drier.

It was so adorably ridiculous.

The main event lasts about two minutes, but it was worth it.

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