Things I Bought Recently – More Spring Thrifting

These past few weeks, I’ve really been having amazing luck in the thrift shops. Here’s this weeks’s haul:

Cole Haan Flip Flops

These barely fit, but the label whore in me couldn’t resist picking up a pair of Cole Haan shoes for $6. They don’t have a single scratch, scuff, or any other sign of wear.

Vera Neumann Print Scarf and Calvin Klein Dress

I have a major scarf obsession.


Here’s the thing though, I almost never wear them.

This is the latest addition to my extensive collection, and it’ll probably never see the light of day again.

Speaking of extensive collections, I love a little black dress and own several. Unlike the scarves, I actually do get a lot of wear out of them.

I bought this one for a few reasons. First, it fit like a glove. Second, it is incredibly comfortable. It’s made of a soft stretchy fabric with some grosgrain details around the waist that give the dress just enough structure. It doesn’t wrinkle either, making it a perfect travel dress.

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  1. You’re hilarious! I want to start collecting scarves too but I know I won’t wear em either! I have 2 summer weight ones and nope. Never worn em out. Ridiculous. Same goes for the majority of my junk jewelry. Why do we do this?! At least these things don’t take up much space!

  2. I wish I knew why we did this. I think I just have a warped sense of reality when it comes to style.

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