“Better get me a bucket.”

I’d been feeling really crappy. I’m not just talking about the winter blahs I drone about so much. I mean, physically, I was feeling awful.

It was my own fault. I have a plethora of food restrictions that I’d been blatantly ignoring. I’m lactose intolerant, along with a sensitivity to wheat. That hadn’t stopped me from melting a layer of cheese over practically every meal I’d had over the past few months, and I’d been casually sneaking bread into my diet. I just kept telling myself, “a little bit won’t hurt.”

A few weeks ago, my reckless food consumption had taken it’s toll. One morning I was so bloated, I almost wore yoga bottoms to work because my stomach hurt so badly. Sitting down wearing regular pants was too uncomfortable. I figured nobody would notice the yoga pants if I paired them with a blazer, right?. In the end, I wore normal work clothes, but on my way to the office that day, I knew I had to do something to make that dreadful feeling go away.

It was time for a cleansing diet.

My naturopath had me try this years ago, when my allergies at their worst. Basically, you eliminate potential allergens and sensitivities from your diet for a few weeks, then reintroduce different foods, slowly, to see what you have adverse reactions to. I already know what my problems are, so now I just use the diet to get back on track when I’m not taking care of myself. Like now.

The first few days of the cleanse was rough.

I felt like this:

Then, by the end of the week, miraculous things were happening. My pants were comfortable again. I could also do up the bottom button of my jacket and my skin was clearing up. By the end of the second week, I’d even lost some weight. I was only a few pounds but it felt like so much more.

I have such a complicated relationship with food. I love all things that are bad for me and I’m not so good with moderation. Right now, I am feeling great, and that’s the how I found the will to pass on the cinnamon buns that a kind and generous co-worker brought into the office today. I can’t help but wonder though, why I’ll eventually sacrifice this good feeling for a stack of FudgeeOs. I know I will – it’s only a matter of time.

Why do I do this to myself?

While I ponder this question, I’m just going to enjoy my rekindled love of fruits and vegetables and watch my love handles melt away.

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  1. I never understood all the Activia commercials and digestion aid things until I hit my 30s. I don’t know what happened to my metabolism but I am constantly bloated. No idea what’s going on but I can fluctuate over 5 pounds in one day. Jeans will fit one day and will be miserable the next. I’ve been thinking about a juice cleanse to see what’s going on but yeah… cheese. Oh dear.

  2. I’ve always had bloaty problems, even as a kid. I didn’t know why until I was 30. Also, my metabolism over 30 has sucked, big time! I would totally recommend the brown rice cleanse over a juice diet. You can eat solid food, and once the craving for sweets goes away, it’s not so bad. I will eventually eat cheese again. I just need to learn to do it in moderation.

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