The Best Thing About Winter

“Maple syrup is the most wonderful thing in the world,” Jeremy proclaimed, as we wandered through Mountsbergs’s Maple Town yesterday afternoon.

This was an impromptu trip, inspired by the gorgeous weather.

While we love our maple syrup, we’ve haven’t had much luck with the winter maple syrup festivals in our area. They’re often just too crowded for us to enjoy. In fact we tried this one a few years ago, but never made it though the front gate. We bailed after idling in a line on the highway for what seemed like forever. The fact that we’d come starving, anticipating a breakfast pancake feast that morning, made the wait even more agonizing.

Our mistake that day was arriving early. This time around we rolled in later in the afternoon. It was busy but not crowded.

Sometimes being the early bird is overrated.

Speaking of birds…they had chickens!

Visiting later in the day also meant that I didn’t have to trample small children to pet the livestock. Jeremy doesn’t realize this, but city bylaws are the only thing keeping me from keeping small, barnyard animals in our yard.

The park strongly discourages petting the owls though.

That’s probably a good thing!

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  1. Of course you guys have maple syrup festivals! How fun would that be!? Now I’m thinking of all the awesome regional things I’m missing out on.

    Yes! Livestock! We have laws here too and I’m always jealous of people who have them grandfathered in. Baby goats!

  2. I want a goat for totally practical purposes. Keeping the grass short! I don’t understand why I can’t have one.

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