The Winter Blahs

I’ve got them.

I know that seems ridiculous considering we’ve had an unusually mild season – the warmest on record, they say. Our hyacinths sprouted in January and last weekend people were flying kites down by the lake. This is the kind of Canadian winter I’ve always dreamed of and yet I’m still not content. Despite the lack of sub zero temperatures and snow, I’m still missing long sunny days, sundresses and sandals. My seasonal affective disorder is more particular than I thought.

So, just like every winter, I’ve spent the past few months needlessly wallowing in self pity, while I pine for spring.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to get though February…

Because of our new jobs, we haven’t had the flexibility to travel as much as we did last year. Instead, I’ve been becoming a local tourist. I’ve been checking out some of nearby attractions that I’ve taken for granted. This month I took a day trip to Toronto’s Bata Shoe Museum.

It’s a building full of shoes!

I can’t believe I’d never been.

photo from the Bata Shoe Museum

It was much bigger than I expected. The museum takes you though the history of footwear from the first known shoe to modern trends, along with footwear artifacts from different climates and cultures over the centuries. There’s also a collection of celebrity shoes, including Shaquille O’Neal’s massive size 23 sneakers. In addition, there was a few temporary exhibits, including the one that initially drew me to the museum – the Footwear of the Roaring 20s.


For the past few months, it seems everywhere I turn, someone is raving about Downton Abbey.

On the Family Day holiday, I finally gave in to the hype and started watching.

The drama! The costumes! It’s fantastic!

I suspect I’ll be though both seasons by the end the week. Then, it’s back to waiting for the return of Mad Men – only 5 more weeks!


Speaking of waiting for things, I’ve been anticipating a new Sophie Katz adventure from Kyra Davis for some time now. Her books are a little bit chick-lit and a little bit mystery. It’s my two guilty pleasures rolled into one series. She’s almost ready to release her next novel, Vanity, Vengeance And A Weekend In Vegas, and for the past month she’s been releasing a new chapter every Friday.

Unlike her previous novels, this one will be released without the support of a publisher and that really ticks me off. How is it that established and talented writers are being dropped by their publishers and yet this thing gets a book deal?

Now, I’ve never seen the show, but according to my boss (who has children in its target demographic) this woman’s most notable “talent” is urinating in public.

I implore you to check it out Kyra’s new book, and if you like it, please spread the word. We need to support great writers and stop encouraging the idiocracy!

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  1. Oh Snooki. There are no words for that trainwreck. It seems like she’s getting it together though… maybe?

    So sorry about your winter blahs. Daylight Savings Time has just rocked my world today! I love having the sun out longer! Your recovery is right around the corner!

    Shoe museum! AHHH!

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