Pimp My Cardigan

Cardigans play a huge role in my wardrobe. They’re a necessity here in central Ontario, where the weather can change by a dozen degrees from day to night, and office buildings are under heated in the winter and over cooled in the summer. Cardigans also suit my personal style, which is girly, preppy and sometimes a little bit retro.

Earlier this week, I was at Banana Republic looking for some cardigans. Most of my sweaters were from last year, and starting to look pretty shabby. I noticed a few pieces from the Mad Men collection left on the sale rack. I’d been so excited about this line last year, yet I never actually purchased anything. Riffling though the racks, I started thinking about vintage style. Somehow, my train of thought eventually arrived at cardigan clips (or sweater guards as they’re sometimes called), and a great DIY idea was born.

Or so I thought.

As it turned out, my brilliant idea of turning vintage clip-on earrings into sweater clips has already been done many times over, according to the internet.

Regardless, I hit up the thrift store for my supplies.

The execution was simple. I just attached two lengths of chain to the back of the earrings with a few jump rings.

While I really like the finished product, I have mixed feelings about the overall look. I think it’s almost too twee.

Perhaps I just need to face the fact that dressing like a circa 1960s secretary will not make the next season of Mad Men begin any sooner.

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  1. I loved the Mad Men line BR did and never got anything either.
    The clips aren’t twee! They’re a great way to add some glitz if you’re not feeling like wearing a necklace. Maybe some rhinestone clip-ons?

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