My Life With Vinyl – Part 3

…this is continued from part 1 and part 2.

Like most people of my generation, I own a copy of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. While I don’t remember ever really being a fan, I do recall my fifth grade classmates adored him, so this became a top priority on my own Christmas list that year. Having this album serves as a testament of how much I wanted to fit in with my peers at that age.

Michael was quickly forgotten though, as my first foray into pre-teen fanaticism began. This is known today as Bieber fever but for me, back in 1985, its name was simply Corey.

It began one Saturday night in my parents basement. I’d settled down on our brown tweed sectional sofa with the remote control, a tall glass of pop and bag of chips for an night of unencumbered television watching. I was particularly interested in Much Music, as the premium cable channels were being offered for free that weekend.

Shortly into the evening, the video for Never Surrender aired and I got my first glimpse of Corey Hart. At that moment my 12 year old heart was set aflutter. I was smitten. From that moment on, he was all I thought about (at least for the remainder of the sixth grade).

That hair!

That pout!

He seemed so wounded. He obviously needed me.

Along with his albums, I bought posters and every magazine that featured him I could get my hands on. I learned everything I could about him and I’d daydream, plotting the ways we could meet. I was sure if I could just meet him, we would instantly fall in love and run away together.

Of course, like most girls, I was fickle, and my love for Corey faded. I was getting older and my angst was becoming more palpable. Corey’s adorable vulnerability just wasn’t enough, I needed a stronger voice for my growing teenage despair….

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  1. I looked at his website. He lives in the Bahamas now with his wife. It should have been me!!!

    Ah well, the boy I ended up with is pretty awesome, so I can’t complain.

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