Summer’s Over and it’s Time to Sew

While wandering around the clothing show a few weeks ago, looking at the amazing handiwork from local artists, I remembered that I actually make stuff too.

It also reminded me about the Christmas craft show season. So far, I’ve signed up for two sales this year and they’re quickly approaching.

In preparation, my sewing room has been a flurry of activity.

Along with some new projects, I’ve been working on a new batch of coffee cup cuffs.

I’ve literally made hundreds of these now and a few people have asked me when I’m going to stop. I figure I’ll be done when I run out of either buttons or customers. There are still tons of cuffless coffee drinkers out there, but I also have a lot of buttons. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Hundreds??!! That’s fantastic! They’re super cute!
    So how do the craft shows go for you? My mom used to sell fancy front door wreaths we made but the competition is fierce at those things!
    Good luck getting back on the sewing wagon!

  2. Yes, hundreds! Thanks!

    The shows are hit and miss. I’ve gone to a few that have been very successful, but then I’ve been to some where I’ve just covered the cost of my table. I find that the small, inexpensive items, like the cuffs usually do very well though.

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