The Clothing Show

On Saturday I went to The Clothing Show in Toronto.

I’d never been but I’d been meaning to go for years. My not so fond memories of commuting to my job downtown for so many years has scared me from making unnecessary trips into the city though. As much as I intend to go to these events, when I think about the traffic and parking, I usually opt out.

This year, my friend Angie, an Image Consultant, asked me to join her and I just couldn’t resist the invitation to shop with a professional. Under the watchful eye of an expert, my chances of making a regrettable purchase was significantly low.

We started out in the vintage section, which was uninspiring, then the sample sale, where I remained underwhelmed. Finally, we reached the booth for Foxy Originals.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their jewelry. I made several purchases to add to my already sizeable collection of Foxy pieces.

That was the first of many jewelry exhibits. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, but I had to stick to a budget, so I only bought one other bracelet from The Bijou Box.

Angie bought this fabulous bag from Corazon De Melon.

After doing the rounds, we caught the runway show. It was great to see what local designers are up to.

I’d hitched a ride in the morning with Jeremy, who was also heading into the city for the day, but I took the train home. I always forget how nice the GO train is on the weekend. It’s a completely different experience from weekday rush hours when you’re crammed into the cars like livestock. I don’t miss that at all.

It was a fantastic day and I’m filled with inspiration for the fall season. I’m also looking forward next year’s show. I’ve already started a 2012 jewelry fund!

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