Things I Bought This Week

With all of the summer clearance sales happening right now, I’ve been busy stocking up on cheap t-shirts and tanks.

While I was out looking for tops I found this adorable owl earring holder at Forever 21.

I’ve also been doing some thrifting.

I found a ceramic cake stand.

I already have few of these but I loved the detail on this one. Now I need to make more cake.

I also found a globe.

I’ve been looking for a globe for ages. It’s rare to find one second hand and in decent condition around here. This one was almost perfect. It looks like it could be vintage, but it’s actually relatively current. Now I have to find the right spot for it. Already, it’s moved twice since I brought it home yesterday.

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  1. Oooh I love cake stands! That one is awesome! My dad got this gigantic old globe on the same kind of stand a while back and I have no room for it (or any more cake stands). I need a bigger place!

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